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Car is dead -completely dead


ClioSport Club Member

Gearbox housing has split!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bugger Not happy oh and to make things so much better

My local dealer wont do it until the 21st of feb

This has happend twice now

the diff bearing is pressed in and the casing has a f**king massive f**king crack in it

9 months!!! 9months the gearbox has been on!!!


ClioSport Club Member

i dont know

i mean i rag it sometimes but thats silly

im so f**kin mad!!! im fuming

i hate sodding renault!!!

Did you mean the same problem has occured? If it keeps happening you should ask for the whole box to be replaced, surely it must be caused by something else for it to happen again?? They shouldnt do a half assed job just because its under warranty


ClioSport Club Member

The whole box has been replaced (i hope it f**king has) once already

my mate is looking at it and he cant belive his eyes, he said the crack was a foot long and he can see into the dif/box

my dealer is going down there gonna regret selling me the dam thing in the first place

sorry to hear that tom!! youll have to come borrow the cup....altho with your luck maybe not!

Just think of August...comp car, even if itsnot exactly what you wanted its a little beast.


sorry to hear that tom, seems youre not having the best of luck atm

guess that means youre not going to be coming to the mids rr day then


ClioSport Club Member

Tried everything to get it sorted but no luck

looks like im without a car for weeks


what are the chances that you ask the dealer to supply the parts and suggest a local garage that they would be prepared to let take on the work without invalidating the warranty on the part

just a suggestion


ClioSport Club Member

that wont work either

its out of warranty as its been serviced by someone else

coz those renault monkeys screw up my car


ClioSport Club Member

its 9months out of the warranty even though the part was replaced within the 12 months warranty

ah, well thats me fresh out of ideas unless youve got a mate who can fit one for you in which case you could buy the part yourself and let him/her do all the work

Sorry to hear about your problems.

I work for an automotive company, and NO its not Renault. I work on the Supplier Quality side of the company so I have first hand knowledge about what maybe going on with your gearbox.

Gearboxes go through long fatigue rig testing during development, sometimes these are put through 1 million cycles until failure. If you have had two gearboxes and had the same fault that would lead me to believe that there is a suspect batch of gearboxes with the wrong structure of material, i.e the gearbox isnt made out of the same stuff as the test ones were.

If I was you I would ask your dealer to take the box off your car and ask him to look at the cast code that would be on the case. This would be something like CA 1133 or something like that. After he has found this ask that the new gearbox is not made from the same cast code.

If he puts on a case with the same cast code that means that the part has just the same chance of cracking as the one he has just taken off.

I hope this helps!!!


sh*t thats unlucky mate, i know how you feel without a car, ive only just got mine after its been off the road for about 3wks (on and off). having to ponce lifts, get the bus, and god forbid walk is not nice in this sh*tty weather.

so am i right in thinking you have no comeback with your faulty gearbox, and if so they wont do sh*t? if the worst comes to the worst, you can (fairly) easily put a new one yourself, its not hard, just a long job if you dont do it every day of your life!

hope u get it sorted mate, f**king renault!