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Car won't start - electrical

Help – My Clio won’t start 53 plate 172 with 50,000 miles. Wouldn’t fire the other morning, plenty of fuel, a fairly new battery, orange warning light came up – re electrical fault/water in the petrol. Had a diagnostic done at Tates Renault, Portslade, who say it is an electrical fault with only 8v travelling to the ECU. Apparently the only way to find out what the 'real' problem is to have a further diagnostic, at an additional cost of £264. Having already shelled out for the initial diagnostic, which they said would give them the answer of how to fix it, and then give a quote for this work, I’m reluctant to shell out another hefty sum, which they cannot guarantee will provide an answer!

I just wondered if anybody had any ideas on what the problem may be, I don’t know too much about cars and don’t want to be fleeced by Renault!

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Cheers Rob
Any ideas? anyone? I really don't want to shell out £264 for a diagnostics that they say may or may not highlight the problem!

This is apparently for further diagnostics? After the initial £65 diagnostics shows an electrical fault to the ecu - only 8v apparently but the next step is apparently to pay for this next diagnostics? without any guarantee of finding the fault - I'm not paying that much!