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Carbon Fibre bonnet

  09 GIXXER 750!!!
My bonnet on my 182 needs respraying. However to get a decent job done im looking at at least £260. I was thinking of a Carbon fibre on as they are only £390 and look pretty good!! What does everyone think???


I've got a k-tec CF vented item in my shed collecting dust. PM me if you are interested.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
£260 to paint a bonnet???


Was he carrying a bag that said 'swag' on it??
  Audi TT
I really like carbon on silver mate. You'll be following me and Sarah though :rasp:




there are a couple of pics here to give you an idea. It's the same as the one on the k-tec website.

Obviuosly not brand new but it has the bonnet stand, catch and the washer jets installed, so all it needs is the 4 bolts from the existing set up. Takes 20mins to fit with a mate holding the bonnet steady.


Now then mate you still trying to get rid of your bonnet? I might be able to take it off ur hands if the price is right my number is 07854492991 txt me if you still have it