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carbon fibre roof

  BG 182,megane td
we've just put a carbon fibre vinyl print on the roof of a sl500 and it looked mint,got me thinking wether i should put some on my roof and bonnet?any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
  330Ci (Fail)Sport
I was thinking about this too, there was a thread about a month ago I think about it.
  BG 182,megane td
just looked and iam not too sure on silver think it will look good on my black/gold with bonnet and tailgate,and will cost me fook all!
  172 Cup
Not sure on a black/gold, IMO it looks better with a bit of a contrast.

Give it a go if it costs you nothing!
Unless its a VERY keen price though, the drive will kill any discount! I'd drive if the price was good enough tbh.