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Carnoisseur southend


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

Carnoisseur southend have to be the best company i have ever dealed with and are so friendly and have great customer service.

it took me 2 days to decide which suspention i wanted and with freequent calls to Carnoisseur they were extremely helpful and didnot get mad with my stupid questions i also ordered a strut brace which was too big and they have got 1 made for me especially and are sending it to me in the next few days and will even pay for return postage on the 1 that was too big.

I totally recomend them to any 1 and will be spending my money there again soon as they are excellent.


I gave them a call yesterday about some new wheels, cheap as you like for a set of 17s all in wheels,tyres, locking nuts balanced and fitted for £550.