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Carrying over NCB when buying a new car and insurance is included

The other half is picking up her new car this week and Mercedes/ Smart are offering insurance for a fixed price of £149 with up to 2 named drivers. However it's not clear if her no claims bonus can be transferred onto this policy. It is through Allianz and obviously she doesn't want to have to lose her NCB if they are to be left for a year not assigned to a car.

'Smart/ Allianz' say you would need to contact your existing provider to get a letter saying your NCB will not expire. She has tried phoning up her existing insurance provider (Direct Line) and they were unsure as to whether you do could do this.
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As a general rule NCB lasts for up to 2yrs from when the policy expires so if you go with Allianz this year and they dont take the NCB you should be able to use the Direct Line NCB in a years times when re-insuring.
Ideally you would want to send your direct line NCB proof to allianz so they can apply the additional year if you run with them claim free.

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