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Cars that have toasted YOU convincingly

  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive been toasted by a Porsche 911 Turbo on the A3 M towards london (3 lane bit) I came up parrallel with him, with me in the outside lane and my bro looked over to him, he smiled and then reached over into my car, selected reverse and his car just launched away at over 80 mph and beyond. (im thinking of getting a Saxo VTR conversion as they can beat Porsche 911 turbos apparently (according to that post about forum))

Another toasting of me was done by my friend in his Nissan Pulsar GTiR after he modified the "zorst" with a straight through jobby and a different induction kit. His car flew after those mods; first toasting was apparent off a set of traffic lights, he did a 6000 rpm launch and left me sat there wheel spinning in a pool of smoke. Another toasting was done off of a slip road onto that dual carriage way where i toasted the WRX (new shape 2001 y-reg). I could toast him before he got it modded btw....

Fiat Coupe Turbo toasted me by a cars length upto 80. ( I got an awful start tho....but we were both wheel spinning like crazy!) I think if we hadnt wheelspun hed have beaten me by more. Theyre quick cars! but not an extra £10,000 on top of what my car cost worth of quicker.
  Williams 2, STi N12

Toasted my own car which was bizarre!

Went out in the rally car (Evo 4 Grp A) to set up the brake balance for a tarmac rally and had a friend follow in mine. Just for fun I switched on both fuel pumps and the ALS and my Willy just vanished!! Funny but weird.

Dont know about 10k more as you lot are always on about howmuch an import is the Coupe 20VT plus was only 17k import, recaro leather, 6spd, 220bhp,

Cars that have done me in my modded Coupe

Mk1 Golf Gti shouldnt admit to it, couldnt bloody believe it, had to be modded.

Ferrari 3 something, E reg, forget the model but talking to the owner it was a twin turbo V8.

Brand New Porsche Carrera, very fast.

Subaru P1, conditions werent favorable for me though being wet under better circumstances it might not be so bad.

Had a tough time with a Nissan 200SX and only caught it when my speedo hit 165-170, and at 6k in sixth I can well believe I was doing it.

but thats just the way of things conversly I have done many quick cars an Evo 6, Audi RS4, TVR chimaera on the race track and a few others.
  BMW 320d Sport

Nothing! I cannot think of any car that has seriously toasted me on the road. Obviously at the drag strip you come up against all sorts of machinery, but on the road nothing...hang on, in France when we went for the night runs there was the 205 GTi circuit racer with a tuned up Mi-16 lump and totally stripped out, pretty much just a drivers seat. That caned me, as it did everyone else that night!

stripped out racers are a bit different though, if I was to list out the number of those that have done me on the track it would go on for ever, Westfields, race prepped Scirrocos, Alfasud and a all manor of other crap cars that woudl do you in road spec.
  clio 20v

got caned by a nissan 300zx but it wasnt standard either, impreza turbo only by 2 cars length though, oh and a saxo vtr (when i was parked up) done more toastings than got beat pug 106 runs it very close not raced a vts yet but ive been looking
  Clio 197

Lets see where do we start? On the Autobahn I can pull away from most of the traffic after roadworks but soon enough the quicker ones start drifting by again. All sorts of rather ordinary cars are capable of 135mph/220km/hr plus these days.

On the ring, it is a little better. Driving skill comes into play and you would be surprised what cars you can stick with. Then again you will be surprised just how fast some of the others are! And to have a motorbike wheelie by at well over the ton is rather impressive!

Seriously toasted there by the ring Taxi M5, Evo VII, Various 911s, Elise, Caterhams, M3, etc.

But then again a bunch of people in really fast cars have gone away completely toasted by a little Willy.

  Clio v6

I was well and truely toasted by a Ford Fiesta 1.6 the other night. It looked bog standard no big exhaust, fancy wheels etc. He got to 120 extreeeeemly quickly. Well I was left totally gobsmacked.

If he did have some amasing power plant in there it was well Cam oH! flag ed.

He must have a few giggles I reckon. More power to his elbow I say.
  CTR EK9 turbo

hey sandy - the reason i said it was £10k more was because we had a chat afterwards and he told me what he paid for it! I should have told him about the importing business! really nice car tho!

Modded Evo Makinnen, Lille - (5 onwards)
Modded M3 (95/96), A406 (30 onwards)
Standard (looked) 911, M1 (Flat out and he toasted me!)


I have struggled on the M40 with a Fiesta that was pretending to be a 1.6 Zetec S - could be the same car...
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Astra 1.7D. Totally standard apart from some tasty graphics. I think it said West Midlands Constabulary so I gave him the thumbs up and let him go.

Subaru Impreza P1 - Tuned to 320 bhp
Ford Sierra Cosworth - Tuned to 280 bhp
Ford Sierra Cosworth - Q Plated
Porsche Turbo - New Shape
McLaren F1 - Wasnt trying to race him, came up behind it in a queue of traffic and watched it vanish - Bloody Amazing