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cat back or sports cat, which first


ClioSport Club Member
going to have about £250 to spend on the car next month, well end of this month so wondering whats best for performance..

  • Sports Cat or
  • Cat Back Stealth Exhaust
i can only afford one and both are going to cost about the same, what i want to know is what will give the biggest performance gain out of the 2 on the 1.2 16v engine. will a sports cat be ok on a standard exhaust?
  Clio 172 mk2
I'm with the above..just go for the exhaust first then finish if off with the sports cat:D
  Focus ST
What John said, go for the system first. I have, plan to get the sports cat later.

Best decission yet, nice sound from a aftermarket exhaust...
  Clio 172 mk2
I think the sound of a nice aftermarket exhaust should keep you entertained until you get the cash to get the sports cat fitted:D
  Chocolate Bar™
i've got a stealth system and a sports cat on mine, had it rolling roaded (with edde who said it was a pretty reliable result as rolling roads go) with an extra 10 bhp and the same torque figure. Have also got a viper however so that may have made a diff. This was also recorded not at full revs so could prob geta few more out of her lol

Not a cheap option though, the whole system cost me around the 500 quid mark, but does sound awesome and raspy.


ClioSport Club Member
yeah im ready for the £500 price tag, but doesnt put me off lol

noise doesnt bother me, exhaust noise would be blocked out by my engine noise mostly, especially on a stealth system!

so ignoring noise and price what would give best gains...

standard exhaust with sports cat
cat back exhaust with standard cat

cheers guys :)
  Chocolate Bar™
stealth system with sports cat, or if u have to choose, full cat back system
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  Fiesta ST
If you haven't got much money why not look at saving some by purchasing a m\steel system. For example, Ashley or Piper, and I guess a few others make both m\steel and s\steel systems. You'll still get a good few years from a m\steel system and imo it gives a slightly different sound. :) Just a thought to help you out if money is an issue.


ClioSport Club Member
money isnt really an issue, it just means i need to save more for something better, since you dont get any exhausts that have been developed to get maximim performance for the 1.2 16v i just thought custom is the best way to go :)
  Chocolate Bar™
if money sint an issue i'd really get the system with the sports cat in one go, as it'll work out cheaper in the long run (my powerflow did me a deal because i was buying them both together). However saying that, you may have to travel to find someone willing to fit one on a 1.2, as its a b*****d of a job apparently, my powerflow vowed to never do one again lol


ClioSport Club Member
yeah its a complete c**t but the sports cat will be getting bought to fit the engine and fitted by myself and a mate so it wont be a weld in one which i think powerflow etc use?

how much did you pay for your catback + sports cat matey?

  Chocolate Bar™
yeah it is a weld in one, i paid circa 280 for the stealth system, and did the sports cat for 150 quid (normally over 200 iirc), so pretty good deal to be honest! i'd defo get one though, well worth the money and the hassle lol


ClioSport Club Member
yeah im deffo going for it, its already above standard power going by the other ones ive came against or drove, the onces ive had a shot of felt totaly dead before 3k revs where mine pulls ok then kicks a bit at 3k and pulls right the way to just over 6,000rpm (the others seem to die about 5,000-5,500rpm)

just fancy seeing what i can get from it to liven it up a bit, think its getting a conversion next year tho! depending on insurance
  Chocolate Bar™
it'll defo liven it up, biggest difference is that it will pull throughout the range. Good thing is with the clio 1.2 16v, the more miles you do the faster it becomes, which is where the extra power your talking about comes from! Also a good excuse to run it into the ground until it blows up, and then get an engine conversion :approve:
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
R20 CWH said:
Get a cat back system. £250 is a shade optimistic.

PFlow, fitted, stealth is £270

my powerflow was £100, i supplied the back box, they fitted it and out oan new pipe from cat back for £100, i got a back box off ebay for £40.

It was doen by Top Gear West Bromich, a Powerflow dealer.