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CCC mag - Clio cup +28bhp upgrade

Check out the latest issue of CCC magazine, has a two page section on an engine upgrade kit for the Cup, not Renault approved. Gives extra 28bhp, taking it to over 200 bhp, and they say it REALLY REALLY shifts!!! think it cost around 1500 quid fitted, so not too steep.

havent got the mag, but is it an LAD conversion by any chance????

they always seem very optimistic on their power gains

what is actually involved in the "engine upgrade"??
  Renault Laguna Coupe

TimO went and tried one - he put up a report on here. I think the jist of it was I expected more. Yes its for any 172.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Id save up for throttle bodies personally. They really like the CUP in their August edition of CCC and gave it a 94% rating. Did anyone read about the 206 gti with 190 bhp, with throttle bodies, ecu, brakes, suspension etc it came to £4,770 or thereabouts. But without the brakes (£900) and the suspension (about £500) then it would be quite reasonable. Thats about a 50 bhp increase!?

which issue was that in!??

the std cams in a GTi wont be enought push 190bhp, or were these changed aswell?
  CTR EK9 turbo

for gameplay, about 4 stars i think.

BenR - its page 60 in the April 2003 edition of CCC (the 206 with 190 bhp)

Mods are as follows: (Richard Longman) engine conversion including inlet manifold, throttle bodies turmpets and airbox, EFI ECU system complete £2200, 4 into 2 into 1 high torque manifold and system £630, rear exhaust box only £125, Rolling road test £400, lowered suspension with Koni front struts and reaer dampers £500, Brake conversion £900 all prices subject to VAT and fitting£4,755 ex vat and fitting - expensive!