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Central Locking Issues


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST
French Electrical Drama

Ok so I’m having a little bit of electrical trouble and am not too sure where to go.

Key fobs won’t unlock the car. When I go in via passenger side, the alarm goes off. Only way to get it off is to DC battery / wait it out.

Car starts. No immobiliser issues. Dash lights all work etc

Lock button on the hazard panel doesn’t do anything, hazard lights don’t work, wipers / indicators etc all don’t work.

All of the above begins to work again after the battery is DC and reconnected or after the central locking fuse is removed and replaced. Although the issue kicks in again after a few minutes.

So far I’ve tested the battery and it’s all good.Terminals / connections have all been cleaned. Checked the negative earth and all is well. All fuses have been removed and checked and put back in.

Any ideas ?