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Central locking problem!!

  PH2 172
For the last 3 days at work iv been coming in locking my car making sure it locked to find that when i come back the car is all unlocked. Im not near my car all day as i go out in a van so i cant unlock it at all. So just wondered if someone could tell me what the problem is as i cant trust to leave it anywhere now :(
  PH2 172
Anyone know. Today when tried to unlock it it locked straight back up again had to unlock it 3
Times to get in.
  PH2 172
Yea true but if it only does it now and then. Then I'm stck with a problem surely as won't show up on diagnostic or will it?
  Albi 197
Mine's done this a few times. After a while I noticed that one press of the fob only made the indicator's flash once (Meaning unlocked) So needed pressing again to lock it.

Not sure why :/
  Cayman S Edition 1
Had this on my Trophy a couple of years back. Turned out was a dirty connector on the locking motor in the door.
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
I lock my car, hang my keys up, brother comes back after being parked up maccies all night (chav) checks the car and it's unlocked.

God knows what goes on because the keys are hung up so no chance of it being pressed accidentaly....
  PH2 172
Same i park my car at work get in work van keys stay in the van and im miles away from car and whn i arrive back its unlocked and now its locking as soon as i go to unlock the car strange
  LY R26 230 F1 Team
I just make sure my car is empty nowadays kills two birds with one stone - Nothing rattles in the glove box etc. Also there is nothing to pinch.
  PH2 172
haha i dnt ever seem have much in my car exept my steroe wallet and cd wallet lol ow and my california car scent lol