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Changing element filter on standard airbox... how do i get t

Afternoon... NEWBIE question..

ok.. i dont like pulling/pushing things in the engine bay unless i know for sure im doing it correctly.... i unclip the airbox clips... but then what? do i have to take the battery out to pull the cover apart?

i have a k&n replacement element filter, but am too scared to break anything
  Skoda Fabia vRS

dont be scared, it should be fairly easy, are there any bolts on the top of the air box
  Williams 2, STi N12

There are three, kinda wing nuts on the side of the airbox. Undo these then start undoing the clips around its perimeter. The one about 5 Oclock is a right pain but can be done. Remove the loose half, the other is held in by 3 13mm nuts, so should be still tight.

Replace filter element and then Haynes say...fitting is the reverse of removal!

  BMW 320d Sport

Its a lot easier with the battery out but can be done anyway. As Anders says, pop the clips off first, undo the three plastic turnscrew things facing the battery and then it just drops off.