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changing orange dash lights to blue in north east

  182 and cherokee 4.0
hi. does anyone know anyone or any company that could change all the orange lights on my dash for blue ones? my head unit has blue lights and i want them all the same. i have done a search and seen there are guides but there is no way i would trust myself to have a go at this so i would rather just pay someone to do a good job if i can ;)
  LY R27
if you send them down to me, ill do them, done mine and a few others, all very happy with them
all id recommend is to get replacement ones while i am doing it as im from SE
  182 and cherokee 4.0
cheers for the responses. dunno how i could post them as i would have to have the car off the road in the meantime wouldn't i? also don't think i would trust myself to take my dash apart ha
  LY R27
vcery easy reely to take dash apart, and just get a replacement set reel cheep from ebay for the meentime
  White Clio 1.2 @ 172
Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Can travel to you and do them or you can come to me and get em done as you wait.

PM Me for more info.