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Changing the standard headunit

  Nimbus Clio 197

ive got a Sony CD player in my calibra at the min, which i want to put into the Clio. HOWEVER, will i still get the display above telling me what track its on, etc etc? i wanna keep that, sad as it may sound..... :oops: The sound from the standard unit is er...turd. so i wanna change! any advice?

also, where can i get the prongs to remove the orinianl, asi havent got any.


  Nimbus Clio 197

anyone with advice? how do i get the didgital display to show info from a non-renault stereo? some kind of extra cable?

right, as for getting the original out, get some wire coathangers, cut em, bend em into shape, U shaped, and slide one U into the holes on the left, one into the holes on the right, apply a bit of sideways pressure and pull, should pop straight out.

the display wont work without an adaptor thingy, neither will the stalk
  black gold 182

my experience is that with the 182 i have i tried two different autoleads,pc9 501 and pc9 502,both of these should work in the 182 but have found that they dont because the radio system is done by computer (or so im told) so they havent been adapted for the 05 reg clios,i know this might not answer your question but if you have say a 53 plate clio you may be ok with the pc9 501.

Also if anyone does know the reason why i have tried two leads and neither worked can they let me know