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Cheap insurance try these!

I tried these and they were a couple of hundred over my cheapest quote, however they have sent me an email today saying they might be able to get it cheaper if I give them another call. Ill see how it goes.
  172 Cup 2003
cool beans, i guess it all depends as different insures have different set ups and individuals differ but i honestly tired eveywhere and can't get it cheaper so im due to renew on 20th looks like these guys
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dale172 said:

i've tried everyone and these guys are time and time again the cheapest!
bet greenlight by over £100


If you PM me our quote reference or contact me with your name and full address I will see if I can get our insurer to match/beat the rate they quoted.

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance
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They aren't much cheaper than Adrian Flux quoted me and they did not even ask for my Mods.

Ended up going with Flux for agreed value of £4500 on my Hybrid.