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Cheap Setup


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
after a cheap amp to power my front components and rear speakers... whats the best for the money?? i allready have a decent HU but i think my speakers are restriacted by the 4x 50w output :(

also might get a small 8" sub at some point...

check out some of maystar or magnats range of 4ch amps, would be perfect and they are budget amps but built very well for the prices. Or check ebay for a cheap second hand amp, rockfors or alpine or even phoenix gold small 4ch could be had for a decent price. Id say get some decent front comps then bridge 2 chanels of the amp for your sub and do without rears. Id recommend an RE8 or crystal comp8 if you can, both great little subs.


looks pretty good as far as clarion go specification looks good but not a brand im a fan of;)


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
righty, going to be getting that HU i pointed out above!!!

now looking at uprating my rear speakers, anyone reccomend good quality/semi cheap 10cm speakers?

  A well built VW
Get yourself on ebay 10cm speakers tend to go cheap according to my mate as most cars these days have bigger speakers.


ClioSport Club Member
your best bet is to keep your eye on ebay, i got myself a set of 13cm Pioneer Reference Series front components which were brand new and boxed for £30, cheapest online price i could find was £120, the price sticker was still on the box for £190!!

guy said he had bought them to put in a soft top but went off the idea.

at first i thought i wouldnt receive them or they wouldnt work but been in my car now for months and love them!!