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Cheap track day wheels.

Where would I be able to get some cheap track day wheels from for my mk2 172? Do the wheels off the old shape clios (16v shape) fit? If so would the wheels of the old cup cars fit? What size are they 15"?



How about a set of Team Dynamics Pro Racing? theyre fairly cheap (If I remember correctly) - Talk to a RipSpeed guy at your local Halfords for details, they are available in either 7.0x15" on 7.0x17" in a huge range of offsets, and as light if not lighter that the SuperLeggeras (sp?)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Yeah thats what I was thinking. Or, if you want genuinely cheap then get a set of 16" steel wheels off a Laguna.

Genuinley cheap thanks!

I might pop down to a scrappy then and see what theyve got.

Wouldnt mind 15"s for the track though, for some slidey LOO fun.


Apparently you shouldnt go for steelies, cos the heat dissipation isnt good, so a cheap set of alloys of some kind is your best bet.