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Cheapest Cliosport You Have Bought


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
I know prices have all gone a little mad but me like a lot of others on here were about when they worth not a right lot!

What’s the cheapest sport you have owned (with picture) and when did you own it?

This was mine. Not mad cheap but still a lot of car for the money.

£1200 in 2010.

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
My first foray into the Clio Sport world was this 54-plate Black Gold 182 FF. This is the day I collected it in Sept 2017. 109,000 miles on the clock and I paid £1,275 for it. It came with an ITG intake which I sold a few days later for £250 so £1,025 using Man Maths.

I then spent -


restoring it and it's now owned by a forum member.

Lost my arse on it big time.



ClioSport Club Member
I can’t even remember how much HOU cost. Probably wasn’t even the cheapest someone paid for it either, but it wasn’t much.

I remember £3k being about the max anyone sane would pay for a Clio, and that’d get you a tidy one too.
£700 for my current one when I bought it in 2017. Needed a battery, tyres and an MOT along with all the usual niggly clio faults that needed sorting.

2 weeks driving later it spat the crank oil seal, produced a massive smokescreen and contaminated the clutch

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
My second 182, which I bought 2 months after my first one in November 2017, was a real bargain. At least in my eyes anyway.

I paid £2,000 for it, but it only had 79,000 on the clock and came with a brand new Safety Devices RO22 6-point roll cage (unfitted) and brand new ACW windows which were worth the asking price of the car.

It also had 2 new bucket seats and 6-point harnesses which were no good to me, so I immediately sold those on for £800.

Ok, I spent another £4,000 making it into a proper circuit car but sold it for £6,500 5 years later. I thought that was really good value for money.


It's good to know it's still going strong today.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 17.25.17.png

It's a shame most are rotten these days, but they're still a no-brainer if you can get the parts and fancy a bit of fun!


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup
Great thread.

Paid £1000 for my Cup with 112k in 2015. Many cars have come and gone but the Clio’s still here, now on 186k. Kids love it and can’t bear the thought of parting. So much fun and good memories had.



ClioSport Club Member
Feb 2018 - £500 needing a rear arch


It never got that rear arch🤣

May 2018

£450 needing an engine... I've spent probably 10x that maybe more on it now🤣 I think the wheels on it were £300. The engine from the first one still lives on


Dec 2019 - Can't say how much I paid for this one since I intend to sell it. Bought it needing a very good clean, belts, injectors and other s**t. Maybe one day I'll sell it


Aug 2021 - £1000. Sold the engine for £950, splitter and spoiler for £500. Pretty much made £4k profit from all the parts


Sept 2023 - £750. Engine runs sweet, bought it to break and it was only 2 mins from my house. It is crying out to die



ClioSport Club Member
£4k delivered in March 22 on 69k miles. Probably owes me £7k now but I have increased the value by putting the recaros in from my 182 and it's still only got a bit 76k miles on. I'm also about £5k down from the 182 too but lest ignore that 😂.


ClioSport Club Member
Paid 2k for this and sold various parts off it (recaros and carbon bonnet) so think it ended up costing £1k



ClioSport Club Member
£650 in 2012 for this cup. It was broken when I bought it, got it recovered home, new TDC sensor and worked perfect for a few weeks. Then just wouldn't start.

Ended up selling it to @Daniel for £750 and iirc the issue was a corroded fusebox in the end.

It was fast though, I think Dan also said this, just felt rapid for a supposedly stock car.



ClioSport Club Member
Paid 2k for this and sold various parts off it (recaros and carbon bonnet) so think it ended up costing £1k

View attachment 1695935
Crazy how cheap these things were.
Paid £2350 for mine in 2017 which seemed a lot at the time.
Sold the seats for £400 and then sold the car for £2200 8 months after. So didn't do too badly.


Would easily be asking £5000 for it now. It was properly tidy!


ClioSport Club Member
I paid the same amount for my current one as I did for my RB in 2011.



I think my ph1 172 was around £2k so that would be the cheapest but I find it funny how the price barely changed for me between the 2 182's in the space of 12 years.



ClioSport Club Member


ClioSport Club Member
  997.1, Caddy, e208
I sold sporky for £750.
It was up for sale a few years later at £10k though it was transformed

Card Drama Nonce

CSF Harvester
ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
What did you have to do to get it registered?
I see they didn't give you a PZ number plate so everyone knows you're an outsider 😂
Had to get my V5 translated, proof from customs that I didn't have to pay import duty, and pass the annual inspection.
I'm glad I didn't get a PZ plate, everyone would think I'm a villager which is the worst insult in Poland apparently 🤣


Formerly Mashed up egg in a cup
ClioSport Club Member
Love this thread. Just images of 1*2s. Rare these days. That f**king flamer 172 on standard 5 spokes is all levels of OEM cool. Bravo sir!

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
For posterity, i'll add my current 182 FF in Racing Blue. This isn't/wasn't the cheapest Clio that I have bought, but it's the best standard hot hatch car I'll probably ever own.


Matt Cup

ClioSport Club Member
  Leon Cupra
Some right bargains on here.

Mine not so much, found the Ad for my first Cup which was the cheapest one I bought. Think I got it for £4K in the end. Sold it for £3250 3 years+ later.



ClioSport Club Member
  2004 Clio 182 FF

£400 in 2014 from a friend of a friend. Paid a garage the same amount to not fix the esp+serv+abs problem.

Fantastic car but very needy, always required something doing.