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  182 attempt #2
I arrived in the morning.
Decided arctic blue is rubbish compared to all the other colours bar titanium/iceberg on my way to lunch.
Had a "quick" look at some planes.
Came back and everyone/thing had gone.

DOH! :(

P.S. Was I supposed to come & collect the food voucher/CSS13 sticker from the tent? Woman on the gate just took money, gave me a ticket then took the ticket away again?
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ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 172's, JCW,
Great venue, great event, great crowd.

Well done to all the CS team involved with CS13. Looking forward to next year!

By the time we got back from looking at the planes, half had already left!? I didn't get to see anywhere near the amount of people I wanted to, you included Tom. How to catch up soon bud.

Great to see Brian, Luke, Owen and of course Sash :) The day just wasn't long enough...

Thanks again for inviting us all at v6Clio :)