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  Megane 225 F1
They would only be illegal if they made the car fail and MOT on emissons. They looks s**t anyway.
  Rs clio 172

They recommend them for track cars only so they not road legal gez but i ignored that lol and i had 4 cherry bomb's on 4 of my old cars i previously owed over the years and never had trouble with the police neither mot garages it always passed and im talking 3 different testing stations i dont think they thought its just a normal universal back box lol. For a cheap exhaust they sound acutally nice when the middle box is out, they pop nicely and a bit raspy at top end revs. I just sold my vts with one on and it was lovely but i fancy something a bit bigger for my 172.
  182 FF
Dont they make a version called the Muff Diver (Arf!) which can be packed to silence it? Demon Tweeks flog em.
  Clio 197
The old cherry bomb might be worth a look depending on what your after....the much sought after yozza that CS love isnt exactly a nice looking backbox either - and looking at the price of the 'bomb if you can get it fitted it might be worth it