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chipping a dynamique

Whats the opinion on chipping a 1.2 dynamique, is it worth it?

Also i aint done any mods yet so obviously i need exhaust and filter but which as there isnt much available yet?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Induction kit and exhaust will make it sound better and feel faster - but it wont be any quicker. Id be surprised if a chip made much difference, and that anybody makes them for the 1.2 16v.

I used to have a 1.2 and swore at the time that I had more power from my mods - but in reality the gains were purely psychological. I just made it look smooth by stuffing huge wheels on and lowering it, and colour coding it. That made it totally undriveable and in fact slower, but at least it looked good!

If you want a fairly simple gain, then ditch your spare wheel and get a can of tyre repair instead. If you can feel the benefit of that then youll feel the benefit of any mod! But that one is much cheaper - chips, filters and so on will leave you with little pocket money!!
  Lionel Richie

No one does a chip for it yet, and to be honest in my opinion there aint no point in getting one, cos it isnt gonna be any quicker, it is only a 1.2 after all