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Chris' Winter 4x4 toy


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After a brief disappointing spell of owning a Megane R26 I thought id get something completely different ! With currently not needing a vehicle for any particular purpose i decided to buy a bit of a toy for the Winter. Started looking at the usual Discoveries, Shoguns ect, and then started looking a smaller 4x4 and found this for sale.

Its a very well looked after 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara, turns out the 3dr non Convertible version is quite a rare car. Its the 1.6l version with 92bhp on a good day ! and 100lbsft. It pulls itself along quite well to a top speed of 90 ! Iv only been brave enough to get it to 60. Joining motorways is a bit of a laugh ! The service history on it is solid, it even had a new rear Diff not too long ago. I don't think its seen any off road action before at all, the previous owner had it for 10years and would only ever use it round town and driving to and from Plymouth.

The overall plan is to get a lift kit, some mud tyres and some underbody protection and use it off Road as much as possible. There aren't too many Green Lanes near me but there are 2 Off-roading sites within a 30min drive. Current plans are to remove the Tints, tow bar and do something with the exhaust to get it out of the way as its hitting on even the slightest bump and rut. After up loading these pictures below iv noticed the tow bar is upside down ! Is that normal ? I don't think its ever been used !







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My partner bought a badass defender to do off roading. The winch on it alone was nearly £2,800! I had grand plans too but after he took me out, I’ve decided to swerve it. It’s not for me. 😂

I look forward to the build progress though. They look cool as you like jacked up with massive tyres on them.


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Looks tidy. Wouldn’t bother with any under body protection personally, everyone thinks they need diff guards and skid plates etc when they first start but in reality it’ll just hinder ground clearance and act like a plough for mud etc getting you stuck.


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Does he have one of those ssangyong pickups?
I’m told there decent workhorses we’ve been looking at them instead of izuzus.
Yes on of the “rhino” lol special editions. Was £25k brand new. 7 years warranty.

It’s awesome. Slow, but awesome.