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Chromecast/pc monitor/bluetooth speaker


ClioSport Club Member
  VRS 230 & Ep3
Was going to buy myself a decent BT speaker for when I'm in the garage/man cave, the JBL flip 5 was the one I'd wanted.

Now my wife's been given a decent pc monitor that she doesn't want to use, by her work. So I was thinking I could have it in the garage and have a chromecast so I could cast YT and football etc to it. But how would I be able to play sound through the external speaker?


ClioSport Club Member
Does the monitor have an aux out or maybe an optical out?

Doesn't a Chromecast also have audio outs? So you can HDMI into the monitor and then connect speaker(s) to the Chromecast?

If you want wireless, I'm pretty sure a Chromecast can cast to any audio devices with Google/Chromecast built in, or get a Chromecast audio and set them up as "repeaters".


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S
Yes I have Chromecast on my TV, which has an Onkyo sound system attached. Especially great with Spotify & Nest mini - Just tell it to play whatever and out it comes with great sound 😚