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Chromed Items on Clios


im toying with the idea of chroming a few choice bits from my car, but have no idea where to turn to have it done, does anyone know ? ive seen a few ppl have chromed bonnet vents, can anyone tell me where that was done to plse, and price if poss


ive looked it up on the net, and some places seem to, but all seem to be industry and not consumer, if its only metal, then fair enuff, all have to look into parts made up first from metal then chromed

you cant chrome plastic chrome something it needs to be dipped in a vat of some fluid and the item acts as a cathode or somat like that ..anyway short it has to be a conducter! ie metal iron etc!

u can chrome plastic. the item in question does have to be properly prepared first, and it does have to be properly sealed after, as normal chrome isnt corrosive resistant either, arent the bonnet vents on 16v a hard plastic ? and there are a few of them chromed around
  Clio 1.6 16V

Try looking at some of the classic restoration mags or these type companies on the net. There is always a demand in this sector for re-chroming. Plastics can certainly be chromed. As explained above, I believe they need to be treated with a special metalic primer first then coated by cold electrolysis. When I had my Scimitar some of the guys in the club got replacement quarter bumpers supplied. These were made from fibreglass and were chromed.

the bonnet vent is made from cast ally and can be cromed a few people have in fact just polished the vent but i am getting mine cromed in the next few weeks


damn, no further on that route then, ive sent a couple emails around to some companies, hopefully one of them can do it

Theres a place near me which does chroming called Custon Chrome, ive not got there number to hand but ill find out for you.


There was a advert in the max power magazine about chroming alloy wheels and engine components. what they do is blast it with 10000 million little ball bearings.dunno if it will work though.for one 17 inch alloy wheel doing it was i think 66 quid.the place is in wakefield

heh, i dont see how blasting something with ball bearings will chrome it :) might strip off the surface and have a mottled effect thou :) another thing thuo, does anyone know where u can get ure alloys diamond cut ? and how much

trust me it does my old GT LTS mountainbike had ball burnished finish aluminium frame which was very shiny, think it sometimes gets referred to as shot peened too but its all the same they just blast bearings at it and it has a polishing effect

cse- Jason Ripp had his fiestas wheels diamond cut, im gonna ask him where and how at the meet at R-Tec.

Tom- Did you see the chrome new jag xj at the motorshow, get that done?

The jag wasnt chrome it was unpainted polished aluminium. Im not sure if i like the idea of chroming, it seems that its getting quite big though, im sure plenty of places will be doing it soon. Ill have to see someones car with it done well to change my mind.

robfenn, yeah thats where i saw it first, i love those wheels aswell, tried to get some, but they only come in 18" and larger :( dont want to completely ruin the ride, if u do find out, give us a shout would ya, ta


Try the following place, they make chrome look plastic in some way

CHROMECO, Lichfied Road, Brownhills, West Midlands, WS8 6LH

01543 453333 TEL

01543 452930

This company makes the badges for ford and other car companies - like the clio sign on the pback of the car e.t.c