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Cigarette with!

Hi all,

I have a cigarette burn the size of a 5p in my backseat. Jus wondering who would be the best people to contact to patch this job up and how much would I have to pay? (yes serves me right for smoking!)

I tried calling Renault for a joke and they worked it out to be:

£350 for a whole new backseat (which I stressed I didnt really require...
£150 for labour charge!
Lol any great would be greatly appreciated. :sleep:
  Lionel Richie

got a picture of your interior/damage???? i have a complete dynamic interior for sale (but i will break it)

so you can have whatever parts you need

Thanks Fred, will try to post a picture later on but am work at the moment.

Truth is though I rather not buy a whole back seat if I can help it, rather more of a quick fix.

Would I just go and see an uphostraler (wrong spelling I know) about this?

Lol its just a tiny bit of material that I need Fred, the pattern part of the seat is untouched, just a tiny hole on the grey material above it. I guess I need a picture to explain this hey.

Ive been tempted to try and stitch this bit up myself with excess material from the seats but I completely suck with a needle and thread!

Quote: Originally posted by j3ned on 24 August 2005

if fred cant sort it email me a pic and i will have one in

i pmd you j3ned mate about a 172 interior, any chance of getting one of these off you?