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cigarette lighter & heating controls fuse

  Clio 172 Cup

hey there

i noticed on my clip cup last night that the lights on the cigarette lighter and the heating controls are not working - are these lights controlled by a fuse? Plus the display dimmer switch doesnt dim/lighten the display if you move it around.

Are these controlled by a fuse? If not how do i get behind the heating controls panel to see if the wires are loose?
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I reckon its the fusees mate. They are either located under engine bay near battery. Or open passenger door and on side of dash you can remove a cover i think. That details each fuse position and function
  Clio 172 Cup

had a look - the only fuses i could find that are related to the problem were interior lighting, radio, cigarette lighter - which are all fine. The thing is its just the lights that are not working - the fans, cigarette lighter and radio are all fine?
  Clio 172 Cup

well the right hand bulb behind the heating controls went a while ago, but then i turn my lights on the other night and the whole heating display doesnt illuminate, plus the cigarette lighter light is not working. And the dimmer switch doesnt work either



yeah a right tw*t believe me! Sore knuckles a plenty! lol! I reckon its the bulbs mate for the controls and fag lighter but not sure on the dimmer. Have you had the switch out to check it over? Where abouts are you?
  Clio 172 Cup

in lancashire mate - u?

Ive had the heating controls loose but i couldnt get em out. bloody ball ache.

got the dimmer out - look ok to me - but i aint no electircian!!!!

one bulb went first on the heating display - then about 2 weeks later everything has gone - so i guess they are all on the same circuit - if one goes they all eventually go??
  Clio 172 Cup

if it was a fuse then the all the lights on the dials would not be lit up either (but they are so it cant be the fuse) - i tried changing the fuse just in case but it made no difference.

what kind of bulbs are they for the heating controls? and what kind of bulb is it for the ciggi lighter?
  Clio 172 Cup

very weird - i turned on my lights tonight and the heating lights came on, and the dimmer is also working. The cigarette lighter light is still not working though.

What does this suggest??