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cigarette lighter......

Anyone have any probs with their cigarette lighter? I think the wiring may be buggered in mine as it is permanently on. Havent had a chance to look at it yet, anyone had the same problem?
  Ford Fiesta

how do you know its on all the time? it should go off when u take key out of ignition, presume you are charging a phoine or something so it is still on after you take key out?
No probs with mine and I have a 3 in 1 adaptor so I can power me snooper S5 me mobile and me GPS unit :)

If I keep the lighter in it gets super hot when not pushed down. It was alright when I got the car, only happened in the last few days. Went to get something out of the cup holder bit and noticed my hand was burning. Bit strange as I have never even used it.....
  Ford Fiesta

make sure theres nothing stuck down the hole as it cant make a circuit unless the cig lighter is pushed down, surely?

Ill have a look, i agree it shouldnt make a circuit......but it does (it gets hot) I took the easy fix, and left it in the house. I think it maybe a broken spring something in the lighter so it doesnt stay popped out properly.