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Classic Stock Hatch @ Donington

Alex H

ClioSport Club Member
Ah no way :( Sorry to see/hear what happened. Do you know what's actually let go?

The engine ;) No idea how bad though - there's a hole in the back of the sump so I don't think it's going to be cheap.

Ah bummer on the engine, Alex :(

I completely forgot you where at Donnington this weekend! I would of popped over to say Hi.

Alex H

ClioSport Club Member
Initial damage inspection - piston 1 has hit the head and is 'loose' in it's bore. Might just be a crank to regrind and balance and a few shells to replace.
  Caterham 270R
Thats a shame buddy. I was there Sunday down at the old hairpin all day great Classic stock hatch race fair play to Imran great drive