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  1. robzracing

    The trials & tribulations of racing a Clio

    I've been thinking about starting a thread on here for a while but as most of you will know time is never on our side when it comes to these things. But I thought some of you might be interested in my story of how I got into racing and of course as I continue to persevere with one of the most...
  2. rem1859

    A few photos from FCS 2017 Donington Park

    Thought I'd share a few photos taken yesterday at French Car Show 2017. My son is an avid photographer so as usual came armed with his camera. Here is a pic of the stand, my car on far left having come back in after track time: He shot a few Clios flying by the pits on the long straight too...
  3. Will16V

    Donington Historic 2016

    Is anyone attending this weekend? I'll be there tomorrow on the Combustion Punks stand, hopefully the weather will hold out. A great event in you're in the area, highly recommended!
  4. Steve

    Tony @ Donington this evening

    Evening turned out better than it was looking late afternoon 😊 Good to catch up :smile:
  5. Mr Burns

    Donington Historic 2015

    Anyone go to this? I was there with @not normal dan and despite the predicted day of rain, it turned out pretty nice by lunchtime. Took a few pictures while I was there but tried to concentrate on the racing this time rather than the cars in the paddock.
  6. c5 swh

    Trophy at donington today

    Saw a trophy today at donny. Was sat in the queue waiting to leave Anyone on here
  7. boomerbang2006

    Btcc Donington Park 18/19th April

    Hello......Anyone going on the sunday?? and the mrs are travelling from jct10/m6..would be good to drive in a convoy and park next to each other...
  8. markclio

    Yellow clio @ Donington...

    Any body know who owns the Liquid Gold Clio that was inside at donington... the car is awesome. a 55 Plate..
  9. Loz H

    Performance French Car Expo, Donington Racecourse

    Popped over to Donington today to PFC Mag expo. Started off mega cold but once the fog lifted & the sun came out it turned into a decent day. The show itself wasn't the greatest, but it was well organised & a great chance to meet up with the regulars. PFC Mag Expo by laurence.hucker1234, on...
  10. Sunglasses_Ron

    CS @ PFC Expo Donington 12/10/2014

    We are pleased to announce our attendance at the Performance French Cars End Of Season Expo at Donington Exhibition and Conference centre on Sunday 12th October 2014 As a thank you to all our loyal members we have managed to secure a free Auto Finesse detailing sampler kit worth £20 for every...
  11. coverman

    Donington Park last Saturday

    A blue 172 Cup was entered in the last race of the day. Many 197's were entered unsurprisingly in a Clio Cup race. One ended up as probably the worlds shortest Clio.
  12. Mr Burns

    Donington Historic Festival

    I was at the Donington Historic Festival once again for 2014, as part of the MX-5 stand. Some of the cars on the club stands were rather special. It was all too exhausting for some... Some of the race cars in the paddock... Some racing shots...
  13. boomerbang2006

    Btcc Donington Park 19/20 April

    Hi,is anyone else on here going to this??..We will be there(me mrs stepson step-grandson)...just going on the sunday,looking forward to seeing the new clio 200 turbo`s racing....see if i like them or not.Going in my ph1 odyssey with titanium silver bonnet if you spot me.
  14. Ian_s

    Donington comments and criticism

    I'm after some advice from those that know Donington well ( @Tony Hunter @Jay Payne @Big Ash @MicKPM 2Damnsly Andy ) and anyone else on where I can find some time. I did 3 laps in a row within a second of the one below so I'm thinking I reached my limit. Theres a few places I feel I could be...
  15. F

    Donington Park - BTCC

    Loads of Clios. LY182 AG200 172Cup Black182 Two Silver 182s Trophy AB182 Silver Ph1 172 - DAK or DAX on num plate. From what I can remember. Then a Blue 172 Cup or 182 trying to chase us towards the M1. Also a few Megs if they're on here.
  16. T

    Donington - March 9th - Spectator thread

    So who his heading over to Donington this Sunday to spectate? Guess it's kind of a mini-meet so it's relevant to be in this section. @Chi @Chip-mk1 Pat 182 1) ThomasBrentnall
  17. boomerbang2006

    Black 197/200 Donington Park Circuit 16/02/2014

    Stripped out track toy,going round the track with a load of caterhams,mr2`s,racing vw Beetle`s..
  18. R

    Donington park & WRC GB

    Headed over to donington park on the thursday to see josh cook testing the new 2014 cup car. :cool: There was some awesome cars out on track. RiadArianeMedia by Riad Ariane, on Flickr RiadArianeMedia by Riad Ariane, on Flickr RiadArianeMedia by Riad Ariane, on Flickr RiadArianeMedia by...
  19. Steve

    Several clios at Donington today

    172cups, 172, R27 in yellow (JS300? Bhp.) Who got stuck in the gravel trap infield near old hairpin, silver clio?
  20. D

    Cup with Recaros, Donington Park 18th July

    Seen in the car park at the cycle event tonight.
  21. M

    Donington Park Pit Lane yesterday

    Silver 200 White 200 Silver 197 None on track so I take it you hired a car. Also a oyster 250 there again not on track for the afternoon session
  22. T

    Donington Park 21/06/13

  23. G

    Donington Park vids and pics inferno 182

    Had my first trackday at Donington on Bank holiday Monday 6th May. Now usually bank hol weather is terrible but fortunately it must have been one of the nicest days of the year. (unfortunately the weathers been more downhill than craner curves since then!) This was the full GP circuit. Tyres...
  24. G

    2013 BTCC Donington Photos incl Clio Cup

    Just a link to my Donington BTCC set including flaming clio content:
  25. Mr Burns

    Donington Historic Festival 2013

    Overshadowed by the tragic loss of Christian Devereux, the annual classic car racing event was predictably fantastic. It's a mecca for anyone who appreciates proper cars, with immaculate examples both on and off the track. Armed with only my iPhone I made a short video and took plenty of...
  26. R

    LY MK3 donington park circuit sunday. Reg CL10 FTW

    Saw you parked up in the Field. Great reg btw
  27. D

    Donington BTCC Pics

    Took the camera with me to Donington today for the BTCC. Its not a SLR and I'm not very good so most of the motion pics turned out terrible but I've shared some of the better ones. DSCF1278 by daveski12, on Flickr DSCF1304 by daveski12, on Flickr DSCF1306 by daveski12, on Flickr...
  28. boomerbang2006

    Donington BTCC 13th/14th April 2013

    Me and the mrs are going to this on sunday...first time seeing the BTCC and really looking forward to this.If anyone else is going keep a look out for a odyssey 172 should get there about 8.45am....It is fairly cheap too,£25 per person on the gate...and obviously you get to see several race...
  29. Panda.

    BTCC Donington press day..

    Not sure if posted before - couldn't find ought. Press day this Thursday, free afternoon entry for public with open pit lane etc. The joys of working 5 mins from the circuit and having a boss that loves motorsport... Long lunch break it is then...
  30. AdamR

    More MX-5 Track Action - Donington this time

    Start: Me doing it wrong Middle: Data overlay, trying to learn to 'drive the circle' more effectively, harder than it sounds... End: A few laps chasing one of the guys I race with in his standard MX-5 on road tyres, wiggling around all over the place!