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Clayed my Ph-Quick for the first time

  Civic Type-R
Seeming as its my week off I decided to give my car a really good clean and also get a couple of other things done to it. I used the Meguiars Quick Clay and then P21's. Think it came up pretty well. Also used the Meguiars tyre blackening stuff.

I also painted the brake calipers silver with Hamerite smooth and put some new side repeaters on with chrome bulbs.

Oh and I know it needs lowering :eek: But wont be getting H&R's till next year.

Any comments welcome :)






  Civic Type-R
justinRT said:
how long did it take you to do the calipers? im considering doing mine

Well I did the rear calipers one day and the fronts the next day. Took me like an hour prepping it as I wire brushed them and then sanded them down a bit. Then I used Autoglm engine and machine cleaner to clean them and at the same time I cleaned the arches. Then I did 2 coats of paint leaving an hour between coats. So say 3 hours for the fronts and same for the rears? :)

Thanks for the comments guys
  R26r R26
Looks the dogs mate.You have made my mind up for me as I have been wondering what colour to do my calipers.Silver it is.