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Clean Iceberg Pics Nothing Special..

  Expert HDI & R53
Well, I managed to give it a quick clean at the weekend.

What do you think?









Comments welcome! :eek:



South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Well, I managed to give it a quick clean at the weekend.

What do you think?

Comments welcome! :eek:


I think clean simple Icebergs are clioporrnography.

I also think I should stop giving myself ideas before I end up with one of the damn things......!
  Golf mk4 :(
wahay beleive your other thread mite have a picture of mine in one where u was in halfords car park at kirkstall did the iceburg mk2 have a pedobear sticker on? if so was me

also take it your local cos the top 3 pictures look like the back enterance to lawnswood ymca fields lol
  RB One Eight Two
Lovely. I really like ph1s atm. That with a ph2 rear bumper and rear lights would be perfect.


ClioSport Club Member
  lots of clios.
looks really good :approve: looking at this i might put black side strips back on mine! really like clean / standerd look :)
  Expert HDI & R53
Cheers Toby I must say Icebergs do look well.

Christopher It does look slightly lower at the rear! I must get it raised up a bit when I get the alignment sorted out.

172ben04 Nah mate that was Tom's Ph1 in Halfords car park, Ive seen yours before though! Also your wrong about the picture location of the first three pics :)

Dynamique02 and sgtbash999 Not a fooking chance! My Ph2 rear end stayed on my Ph2 when I got shut of it! This one will be staying standard!

oliver.james Cheers! I love your car mate, Maybe I could build a Ph1 version of yours.. :)

Thanks all that approve and like :p