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Clean siver 182 Morpeth

Ashington , i was in works pickup when i spotted
theres too many meets with chavs burning rubber we need more meetings in this area without the bother of the police & chavs
what you reckon????????
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I'm from Newcastle mate, only had my 172 a couple of months so would be more than keen to try and organise a meet. Anytime mate
  Clio 182
nice one mate, well if the NE meet is happening on Sunday and your free you should come along, could meet up on the way down
  Clio 182
Cool, well I had a look on the thread and im not sure whats going on now as I think it maybe getting changed to monday. I wont be able to go if it is. If its on the sunday think they are meeting at 11 at the diner on A19. Put your name down on the thread if you fancy it, and could meet you some where on the way down