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Cleaned her up


ClioSport Club Member
  255, 230, 172, R26
Hey all, I had the vee sitting in the hangar for around 3 weeks. Just so I could get the wheels off & cleaned/sealed etc & clean the arches. Only managed an hour here & there as weekends I was doing other peoples vee's :eek: Which i love!

Once the wheels were back on, I did apply 3 layers of Obsession .... Bad Idea in the dark corner of a hangar :eek:

So, I started again. Stripped with G101 etc. Now, I made it up as i went along, not knowing if the combo would work.

So she was Micro primed via the rotary - Awesome product!

Wiped down with Gloss-It qd

Applied Amigo via DA - Very nice product indeed

Another wipe down with Gloss-It qd

Then applied my all time favourite -

Project Awesome via DA

This time I wiped down with Z6 (fancied a change)

Then applied one coat of Purple Haze pro - Suberb beading from this wax alone!

I was very very very pleased with the results. She was ready for her photoshoot :D





only a few of her that morning.