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Cleaning Behind The Rear Badges

  Not got a car
How can I clean behind them as the have like a brown shadow on the paint work.

I dont really want to prise them off and replace.
  Bumder With A Buffer
^^^ I never understand that...people pay £10 for 50 "dodo juice detailing swabs"....just use cotton buds!!??!!? :S
  Not got a car
Yes I think i will upgrade to some new stlye ones, might as well.

Not gona leave it the way it is because it looks horrid.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
How about the new style ones?

There was me thinking you had taste :dapprove:

One new-style badge on a 1*2 looks wrong as everything else has the original logo that can't be changed :slap:
  E87 118d M Sport
disagree personally.


  Bumder With A Buffer
Do you want to try out some Blue Velvet m4rkie???

I could take a bit out of mine and send it to ya if you liked
  E87 118d M Sport
aw thanks for the offer mate.
can you buy small tubs to try it out? if not could be something we could arrange =D
  Bumder With A Buffer
Well 250ml is enough to do 20-30 cars

My maths is s**t but I dont see why 30ml shouldnt do a whole car?????

edit actually 250/20 is about 12.5ml
Not wanting to be one to beat Richy, but I have a tester pot that has sat on my desk since Jan. PM me address, I'll get it sent out asap.