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cleaning cars

Ok, how many of us were there polishing away today then?!

Personally I spent four hours on my baby, got to the toothbrush on the badges, then thought I best call it a day.

Whos got the world record for the longest time spent cleaning a car then?

Mine is four hours, though Im positive some of you must have done FAR more. I could have done more myself now I think about it, only gave in the interior a quick once over.


What a lovely day.


I wish i had my car to go cleaning and cruising in but its miles away at home :(

Im so despirat for the easter break to come so i get her back. I never been without the car for more than a week and this has been 2 and a bit months!
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Ive had to carefully clean my car today as it was bashed by a refuse truck on friday. Nothing too serious I hope, as it scraped the plasic bumbers and chipped my alloy. :( Just a bit of T-cutting yellow & white paint off my blue paint work. Hoping it wont cost too much, but thats before Landrover have got their hands on him........ Poor tinker

If i was you i wouldnt be on here!! I would cruising it around in the sun.

Whenever i give mine a good clean i wanna drive it everywhere!
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Ben you poser....I need to wax mine- will leave it till another time...too hot in direct sunlight.


  Shiny red R32

I washed and leathered mine but it has been far too hot to polish my car today. We have actually had a beautiful eight weeks of nice dry days of blue skies and quite warm sunshine. The thing I hate about the warmth is that it brings out the nasty flies which commit suicide on the front of my car. Yuk!!

I washed mine yesterday but waxed it and did the leather last weekend, didnt take me long though, only 2 hours I think.

I think my record is on my old bimmer, I spent about 6 hours on him and it was spotless.

Just finished mine - first proper waxing and clean since I got it, so decided to spend a bit of time - 6hrs total.


Full wash and 3 stage Wax Wizard treatment (cleanse, paint sealant and then wax)

Alloys off cleaned and polished

Engine cleaned

Interior cleaned and hoovered

Glass cleaned

and finally the tyres dressed

Phew! Think Ill have a lie down now ;)

Just did my Cup this afternoon and its gleaming. Bought some new Turtlewax Metallic paint wax and one of those Turtlewax drying blade jobbies this morning from Halfords, have to say I am impressed. One thing with the Cups though, the centre strip along the side of the car doesnt like wax!!
  7.6cc :D

Your all mad :confused: I washed mine last week for the first time this year, and will probably wash it again for the midlands meeting! Today i have been sleeping and eating chocolate.....:D

Very Nice.

Had my 172 for 3 weeks, and its been polished every week-end.

Once spent 2 weeks of evenings and week-ends polishing the ornament in the garage (Nova) ready for its feature in Total Vauxhall, but that did include the underside, behind the wheels, all suspension, and entire engine/gearbox (all mirror finished) - and before anyone says anything it doesnt have a 1 litre engine, 20 inch wheels or mad flip paint - were not all like that you know. Havent touched it since the arrival of the Clio though - feeling a bit guilty!

yea, before the Midlands Meet, my car is being proper cleaned.. even going to clean the alloys properly!

Interior going to be hoovered! Still have wire clippings from Alarm being fitted in December!

  Clio 1.6 16V

Hello Monsieur Le Gza!

The picture of your Cup (thanks GR) looks LUSH!! Look forward to seeing it in its true glory at the next Scottish meet.