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Clicking noise on Clutch Pedal

hey ppl,
I have a clicking/ratchet noise when I press the clucth pedal down on my clio. It only happens sometimes, not every time I press the pedal. I believe there is some kind of auto-adjust ratchet thing, coudl this be it slipping or something? The clucth operates as normal even when making the noise. Is there any reason why it would be making this noise?

The teeth can wear get down around the pedal area and you should be able to tell with a bit of fiddling if the teeth have worn new ones arn't that much under £10 I think and arn't that bad to fit its just space is limited.
  Clio 182
I have the same problem with mine, like you say it dosn't do it all the time, i find that it only clicks probably 1 out of 5 times the clutch pedal is released. I had mine in at Reno to have it checked out and they said it was ok, so i am seeing how it goes.
Thanks for the replies people. I should mention that it isnt just one click, it sounds like a zip-tie being tightened when the pedal is pressed, as if something has caught properly and is zipping over all the teeth.