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Cliford Concept 300

I have one of these fitted and have absolutly no idea how to use it. It is really starting to piss me off now, as every time i try to do something to the car the alarm will allways go off.

Can any one tell me where to get a users manaul, or just tell me how to disarm it etc, and how many times it should chirp at me.


It should chirp once when you disarm (will chirp 5 times if its gone off) and twice when you arm it.

You should have got a manual with the alarm. If not go to your local clifford dealer and get a new one.

To Arm/Disarm it press the key top right on the fob. Get to your local dealer and they will give youa runthrough on all its functions!

Hi mate,

My mum used to have one in her 318i Convertible... and until she got the hang of it it was an absolute b**ch!

There are loads of features on the alarm, and i would say you really need the manual to understand a 1/10 of it!

If you have the big carbon fibre remote, like the one on the left:

then press the side button twice, followed by the top button - that puts it into valet mode. Valet mode puts it out of the auto arming mode. Therefore you cant set the alarm off when you open the doors again, after 30seconds of taking your key out.

If you have the remote on the right, then try the top left button twice, followed by the top right button. If the LED stops flashing, and stays on permanantly then you know youve got it into valet mode.

But as i said, there are loads of features you can turn on and off / change (like auto arming, and different chirp noises etc), so getting the manual is advisable!


On the right hand remote to put it into valet mode you hold down the two buttons on the left, this should make the Clifford light stay on, to take it off valet mode just do the same again, to arm and dis-arm the alarm press the two top buttons at the same time to arm and the same again to dis-arm.

I have Concept 300 and it caused me headaches for a while too - the muts when it comes to deterring theives tho!

If you dont have any luck geting hold of a manual from your local Clifford stockist give me a shout and Ill send you a photocopy of mine - not the perfect solution, but at least youl know how to use it!