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Climate control problem/fan delay issue diagnosed

  Clio 182
Apparently the problem I've been having with the fans in my 182 (CC display showing partial/full power, nothing coming out of the fans for 5-20 mins until the car heats up properly) is down to a faulty heater resistor pack. Is that the same as the rheostat? The garage quoted £90 for a new one which seems like a rip off. Can I get one cheaper anywhere? Does anyone know the part number?

  BMW M135i
Its neither a resistor pack or a rheostat, CC equipped cars use PWM to control the fan speed. Its around 100 sheets from renault so that sounds about right.

Time to get your hand in your pocket i'm afriad!
  Clio 182
Right then, I'll take it back to the garage and pay the full whack I guess.

Between this, the leaky AC system, the melting steering wheel, broken ABS ring and the all the other annoying little things, this Clio is starting to cost a fair bit to keep working properly, and I've only had it a year. I find it so frustrating that Renault can make great cars like this and then use substandard parts and not put the damn thing together properly!

Sorry, rant over.