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Climate Control - Too hot?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi guys,

I recently changed my climate control panel as my old one had a scratched AUTO button.

After the change I immediately noticed that the fan was spinning up much higher than before to reach my AUTO 21C temp selection. Also the cabin seems to be getting much hotter than before, it doesn't feel like a comfortable 21C.

I can change between hot and cold fine but it's like there is no inbetween. Setting it to 16C seems to pump out hot air still whilst setting it to MIN makes it cold.

Is it likely this second hand unit is faulty? Or is there something obvious I have missed when switching the unit over?


ClioSport Club Member
Sorry for near 7 year bump on this - did you get anywhere on this?

I might be simply used to more modern Climate panels, but I find that with the AC on with Climate i actually only really get cool air on Cold/16, and almost every other temperature setting is warm.

Accept it might be the current weather conditions, but curious if this is just how it is?