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Climate Issue - Not the zip tie fix


ClioSport Club Member
I have had a good search and while I found someone with a similar issue no fix was actually posted to the thread.

Basically when you set it to maxi and start the car, hot air for days, if you adjust it I think it cools off a bit but certainly doesn’t work as I’d expect.

Set it to anything else and I just get cold air. Auto makes no difference, I know the ac doesn’t work as there’s no gas in it but I doubt that would cause the issue.

I’ve also checked the “zip tie fix” and mines looking hunky dory in that department.

Could it be as easy as the internal temp sensor, it’s the “new type and not the fan one?

Any other ideas or thoughts?


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ClioSport Club Member
So to attempt to close this down the issue is resolved, I think as the AC is currently not working when you select the window demister the AC comes on and the heat seems to disappear, if you manually control the heating to the windscreen it seems to work fine. If you then select auto but leave the AC off it seems to then set to the temperature selected.

Seems to make sense as I know that the AC system has no gas in it and needs to be fixed.