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clio 1.2 clutch change and bad vibes

  clio 1.2 1999

i am a newbie so sorry if this is another "same old, same old" but my clio2 1.2 has got an embarrasing noise in the clutch mech, the local garage here in france has quoted me nearly 600euros to change, but told me that i could do this at home after i said that times is hard.

can someone give me, or direct me to "an idiots giude" to dropping the front end and dismantling, fitting i need any special tools?

also she vibrates at about 60-75 mph like my old triumph 500 through the front wheels, i have had these balanced but still likes to probably should sort this out at the same time?

what do you think


No specialist tools required....

axle stands


a decent socket and spanner set... general tools

Quite achievable with the above!
  clio 1.2 1999
got the tools then,..........

looking at the historical postings, can't seem to make out best way (easiest!)

mine is lhd so can i drop the subframe on the drivers side? if so how do i do this?



ClioSport Club Member
  anything i get
600 euros ? i would come over for a day trip and do it for that .
as long as you take your time and check everything you should be able to do it. get a haynes manual?