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clio 1.2 engine transplant

  clio 1.2
hello all

i recently joined (five minutes ago) have owned a 5 turbo years ago spent 10k on amongst many other fast cars (clio williams, maserati, bmw's) , i have found a donor clio 1.2 which i plan to strip and fit a turbo engine to use as a track car but have no idea who does this these days and would appreciate any advice.

many thanks ;)
  black 3 door clio 1.2 16v
k-tec racing can fit a r5 turbo lump to your car.. but other engines to look at are

172 engine
volvo 440 1.7 turbo engine (basically a rebadged turbo clio engine)
  clio 1.2
getting another clio williams instead to much outlay for conversion, turbo the willy or throttle bodies i think found one close to me 1500 been garaged over a year full stamped history 85kmiles recon gearbox new grp n cluth and flywheel , should be a good start