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Clio 1.2 - Suggestions

  Clio 1.2 16v Mk2Ph2

I just passed my driving test yesterday and have been learning in my Mums Clio which was bought for my Mum and myself. I now have use of it and I am asking for some suggestions.

I want to ideally get some 15" alloys (as tyre costs wont be too expensive). I do love the alloys on the 182 but they might be a bit expensive and maybe colour coding. I know this looks good on silver cars but im wondering whther it would make much of a difference on my dark blue.

I want to keep the standard factory look as my mum uses it aswell but maybe if it looked like a dynamique that would be fine. Just no big spoilers or exhausts or max power wheels.

  Chocolate Bar™
182 alloys are 16's anyway mate lol. I'd gets ome cheap 15s, white always looks good on a dark blue car (have a search for pictures of Has's) other than that i'd colo;ur code it and lower it
  Clio 1.2 16v Mk2Ph2
I personally prefer the standard M2 ph2 lights over any after market ones but thanks for the suggestion

I definatly will be looking out for wheel though.

  Civic Type-R
Looks like a good example :) First mods I would do is silvatec bulbs front and back, alloy tax disc holder and fog lights where you have covers. Then maybe a 172 spoiler and a set of dynamique wheels? Followed by some colour coding later on :)