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Clio 1.6 16v

Does anyone know how much I can expect to get for my 2000 V reg 1.6 16v. I live in Sunderland and have only been offered £4500 trade in. I think it is worth more than that, does anyone agree or am I being to optimistic. Its for sale if anyone is interested.

I already have. According to them its worth about £5500 trade in. It isnt listed in Glasss guide so I keep getting offered crap money from greedy car dealers.

According to parkers - Trade is worth £5900 I think for 2000 model with 20000 miles. A1 condition sale can get you £6900

I traded in my 1.4 16v (w reg) with 28000 on the clock for something like £6500 back in April, if that helps at all...