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Clio 1 lexus lights

what the hell happened to the 6th of December deadline?

i have heared they still havent got hold of the product is that right?
  clio 20v

is that airspeed ur talkin about or k-tec

i got mine today and there on the car, k-tec got some early but u had to pay extra for the shipping cost, there nxt lot is in january some time dunno bout airspeed

my gf paid it cos there my x-mas prezzie an i wanted em for x-mas

  clio 20v

i think they were about 180 dunno my misses paid for em he he

ill have to try an get some pics of em they look good on my silver car

  Toureg vW Transporte

i Hate it when people tell u theyl have somrthing in stock and then they dont!! Fast forward or PMC always do this..i was expecting the lexus lites last mon,and they still havent phoned me to explain wots the problem. They ve done this before.. sorry my grumble out of the way