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Clio 16v and 19 16v question

  Clio 1.8 16v

why does a clio 16v sound deeper and louder with an induction kit than a 19 16v with an induction kit and is there a way to make the 19 16v sound better?

think i know the answer to this

on the clio the filter bolts directly on to throttle body and the filter is absolutely humongus whereas the 19 has a plastic thrunking between the filter and throttle body and i think the filter is a lot smaller

  Clio 1.8 16v

cheers pal!!just askin because my car sounds better than my mates and he is pissed off about it so i thought i would find out for him
  BMW 320d Sport

By removing the air trunking and bolting a Clio filter directly to the throttle body. Sounds obvious I know.

if u want sound on the 19 16v, get a hacksaw and remove the front section of the airbox lid. this then creates a sound so loud, and v8 racer like, induction kits r poo in comaprison!! relased a bit of power too! and it costs nothing at all!