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Clio 172 2002 misfiring

  Clio 1.6 16V

Ive recently taken delivery of a 2002 Clio 172. I find that when starting the car from cold (over-night), it starts immediately and pulls away strongly. However after the car has been used and left for a few hours and cooled down, when I start up it fires immediately but when moving off there is a lot of hesitation / poor throttle response. After about a minute when the temp guage starts to rise all is fine again!

Has anyone else experienced this problem

I can be pretty possitive when I say YES.

There has been a thread about this, saying that when the car is cold, the throttle doesnt seem smooth, you put your foot down and nothing then all of a sudden you get a surge, this happens to me and because other people have said this I feel that its not a fault (maybe a feature) For me it stop once Im down the street, but I dont think it happens all the time though.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

This is a feature. When the car is cold the ECU rations the fuel to keep the engine emissions within a predetermined limit. THe moment the engine has warmed up sufficiently it goes off like rocket. Mine does it every morning, runs like a dog until I go past the Epson factory about a mile from my house. All of a sudden - brrrrmmmm! and off it goes as clean as a whistle.

side track a little. my golf 4 does that crap as well . even when hot i really should get it fixed... only happened after a bloody expensive service as well!
  Clio 1.6 16V

Thanks Guys,

You have put my mind at rest. From what you say, this certainly appears to be a "feature". So, no point taking it my local dealer to fix .....I was actually thinking I was starting to go senile (early 40s you see) and couldnt drive properly any more!!!

we have loads of people comming into our service station with the same problem its part of teh clio and all downto the stringent EURO 3 emissions it has to pass.

nothing to worry about at all.

only thing to worry about is if after a drive, the let the car stand for about 1/2 hr, then come to start it, and it wont.....unti say 10 mins later......then you have an annoying problem! LOL......we have had only 2 in with this, but it took ages to solve, new ECU and wirering loom.......and all new sensors.