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Clio 172 - 200bhp+ - Best Way?

  RS Clio 200
OK, best way to get my clio 172 to 200bhp is......

answers in forum posts not a postcard please.
  Clio 172 mk2
I imagine throttle bodies cams and a good ecu mapped by someone who knows what they are doing should do the trick.

Ben R or Fred (Yozzasport) are probably the best people to speak to regarding breaking the 200bhp barrier
  RS Clio 200
im not lookin to do it just yet - as i wanna lower her a little (and i mean a little), and upgrade the brakes of all.

Should i be looking at things like CAI's, decat pipes and exhausts too before i look at going to these guys?
  Lionel Richie
yeah ideally before a car comes to us it'll have the following

induction kit (maxogen if you're rich, BMC, viper etc)
cat back exhaust (decent one, ours is good ;))
decat pipe (decent one, ours is also good ;))

and that'll do it

we'll add Schrick cams, new cambelt and tensior etc, match the inlets and perform a remap

this will make your car go like a rocket
  Lionel Richie
for the cam conversion (assuing all the bits ie exhaust and filter etc are already present)

you're looking at around £1750 all inc (i'll post exact price tomorrow when i'm in work)
  Megane R26
Dependant on Engine. But Ik, Zorst, Decat, Inlets, 182 Mani and remap would get you close. Alot of dollar thou.


  Vauxhall Astra VXR
MrStabby said:
Dependant on Engine. But Ik, Zorst, Decat, Inlets, 182 Mani and remap would get you close. Alot of dollar thou.

if you do all of that, does it matter whether you have an induction kit or a panel filter? What would give the better gains? and what sort of bhp would it give you?
hulkster said:
Put your mony where your mouth is and tell us how??
Individual throttle bodies is one easy wasy Roamer did it and got 218hp but there a few more you could eak out of a better setup.

You could also do it with stock cams with head work massive intake manifold work (Angelworks) exhaust manifold decat exhaust indurction kit etc.

Also turbo or supercharger will get that.
  Clio 182
Its not cheap. I managed to get 200 with GDI's Cam's package on my 182 (similar to what Yozzasport do and in price). But I still had a standard exhaust and just a panel filter. (I'm no expert but I have read that the 182 manifold is better then the 172's so you'll need one of these)
If your the type of person who likes changing there cars all the time then I would'nt bother spending that sort of money on a 172 /182 as its money going down the drain on these engines. I'm keeping my car for a very long time so i'm happy to spend a bit of money on it.
  Lionel Richie
matty w said:
is that a garantee 200bhp?

as genuine as a rolling road, which i admit i hate!!! (i prefer to quote percentage gains before/after)

i prefer to say, it'll be bloody quick rather than it WILL give you 199.9372bhp on a cold day


Ali, you can get close, but no cigar!