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Clio 172 Alarm/Manual Questions...

Ive only just bought an ex-demo 172 from a Renault dealer and I was just wondering...when I lock the car with the remote does this automatically turn on the alarm or should it make a noise to tell me the alarm is now switched on? a couple of times Ive locked the car and it made three beeping noises but I dont know why..???

Also is there meant to be a specific manual for the 172 as I only got a general Clio one with mine?!

And how do I get the green gear change light to come on?!


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Is it a Mk1 172?

I have a Mk1 and Ive never seen my gear change light come on at all and have the same general Clio manual. Not sure if there ever was a specific 172 manual.

It also beeps, but only on unlocking and when someone has tried to open a door/boot whilst locked. Ive never had it beep on locking so dont know what that is... :confused:
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it beeps when you try and lock the car and one of the doors/boot/bonnet is not properly shut. Does the MK1 beep if you try and open a door when its locked? that would be cool!


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There are so many alarms, some beep and others dont, it is probably best for you to ask the dealer to explain the workings of your particular alarm, which is what they should have done when you bought the car!

The green gear change light comes on just as the needle hits the red. Blink and youll miss it. ;)

Oh, and there isnt a specific 172 handbook, just the Clio one.
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Youll find the beeping is "Valet Mode" so your immob works but your perimeter sensors wont. Its normally activated by turning the key but not startind the engine, then locking again. Re the shift light, try giving it some well, son!!


Hello People,

Just got a new 172, and i occasionally get the 3 beeps on the alarm. If like paddy said its "Valet Mode", is this canceled next time you lock / unlock or what?


According to my alarms user handbook:

ARMING: .. The turn indicators will flash twice. The protections will become activated once 60 seconds have elapsed. ... If one of the doors, the bonnet or boot remain open the doors will lock, the turn indicators will NOT flash but the system will arm and signal the fault by a continuous buzzer sound.

DISARMING: ... If an alarm has occured, the buzzer and turn indicators will give 4 signals instead of 1.

DEACTIVATION OF THE ULTRASONIC VOLUMETRIC SENSOR: ... the buzzer will issue 3 sounds to confirm that the volumetric sensor has been deactivated.

My car occasionally give 3 beeps when arming too. I just re-arm and everything seems fine.


Cheers mate. My manual doesnt seem to inlude that info! I did the same as you, just re-armed it. Thanks for the info :)