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Clio 172 arrived - minor probs!

  Clio 197 ('08 R'Blue)
Hey all,

Well the 172's finally here and it's running well apart from a couple of minor problems.
Firstly there's a strange noise - it appears to come from under the dash close to the passenger airbag. It's an electrical humming noise and happens as soon as I switch the ignition on and continues to hum even with the engine running. I have noticed this noise stops occasionally but I can't see any pattern. Any ideas?
Secondly I have a problem with all my washers, I think it's somewhat related to rubbish in the pipes so I'm going to have a crack at doing this myself. I have ordered two new headlamp washers as they seem to leak and only one works and sprays all over the place! The rear spray doesn't work - when I twist the button a small amount of water comes out of the front jets? Any ideas there?
Finally (for this post), I only have 1 key - I know that they are very fragile so would prefer to have two - where is the best place to get a new one? Is it renault only?
Thanks for your time!!

PS - Does anyone know how to order items off the CS merchandise shop? Everytime I try it asks for my email and password and doesn't accept it? (Sorry if this question is little off topic!!)


ClioSport Club Member
1. may be your climate control interior temp sensor located up by the light in the roof common fault.
2. washer problem will be a new pump as the only have one pump quite easy to fit and pumps are about £15
3. keys are renault only there £70 plus programming which maybe around £35
4. i think you may have to be a member (not a forum user) to order
  Clio 197 ('08 R'Blue)
Thanks for the replies!
Problem 1 - the noise has been confirmed as the climate control sensor above the light - really annoying! Easy to replace tho so gonna order a new one.
Problem 2 - the pump appears to be okay? it's squirting out water but I think my washer tanks is full of leaves which must be clogging it all up! does the pump just have one outlet or a separate one for the rear screen?
Problem 3 - So just over 100 for a key? Not too bad I guess - gonna write the old owner first tho just incase.
Problem 4 - Never realised you have to be a member and pay nowadays - will sort that out and hopefully that will resolve my problem!

Another question - When I run a diagnostic on my car (hold the trip computer button in and turn on the ignition) - I have this code t--- . What does this mean and what should I do about it? Thanks again.
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Also, does anyone know where I can get a Cliosport car manual from? Mine's missing from the cars wallet!! Cheers.


ClioSport Club Member
two out lets on one pump mate there something in side spins boths ways but this breaks often so when u go to use the rear you get water on the front screen instead
  Renault Clio 197 ('08)
Right so might need a new pump afterall? Is it hard to replace? Any guides?

Does the 172 have it's own manual of is it just a standard clio manual?